About Me

first summer of climbing at a local crag on Mt. Diablo

Hi there!

I’m Toni. It’s good to know your source, especially when it comes to health and nutrition — there’s so much conflicting information out there, it’s sometimes hard to keep it straight! So here’s my story.

I began my journey into the wellness world as a supplement buyer for Whole Foods Market in Baltimore, MD. After 3 full years of rich education offered by the makers of products on the Whole Body shelves, I realized that I wanted to go back to school to learn more about holistic health and wellness, which landed me in the San Francisco Bay Area. While earning my Masters Degree in Integrative Health Studies, I worked as the Product Specialist and Nutrition Expert at Super Nutrition, a family-owned multivitamin company. In school, I focused on the positive effects that food and lifestyle changes can have on hormonal problems (specifically polycystic ovarian syndrome), in addition to exploring the value of personal fulfillment in health and wellbeing. Just after graduating, I discovered rock climbing, a major component of my personal formula for fulfillment.

Today, as a wellness professional, I work with groups of employees creating in-person programming to fit their health and wellness needs. I also write and manage a blog for my program called Passport to a Healthy Me, which focuses on healthy recipes and lifestyle tips, including stress management and fitness.

While I love writing for Healthy Me, this site expands my vision. It takes my passion for health and wellness to the next level by reaching beyond what’s traditionally measured when looking at health and wellness. It brings in the really good stuff — the life stuff — the stuff that makes people tick. For me, that’s rock climbing, gardening, sewing, experimenting in the kitchen with new ingredients and various restrictions; it’s obsessing over creating the perfect dish, finding the best deal at the antique fair, or building a planter box from repurposed wood.

I love the idea that exploring what makes me tick will unveil life lessons; that I can push myself to climb something hard and come out on the other side a mentally stronger person; that I can nearly break a sewing machine the first time I take it out of the box, but learn to stretch my patience threshold and eventually find a solution by myself. I see this as cultivation, or creation of personal character, of wellbeing.

The act of creating — even if it’s creating the aesthetics of a space, even if it’s creating new pathways in my brain — is what propels me forward. This blog is part of that creative process.

And I can promise some really great information and delicious recipes too!